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Photos from the

Childrens' Concerts

Three thousand children in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th

Grades from 14 City of Carson Schools hear

Timothy and the Magic Garden

performed by the

Carson-Dominguez Hills Symphony Orchestra

on February 5, 2009, in three separate concerts.

Children betgin to assemble

Fourth Graders begin to assemble


            Timothy and the Magic Garden was commissioned by, and is dedicated to Hector Salazar. The 32-minute piece, intended to introduce children to the orchestra, received its World Premiered on February 7, 2009 by the Carson-Dominguez Hills Symphony Orchestra with Karen Sharp, radio personality and host of KOST-103.5’s Lovesongs on the Coast narrating and Maestro Salazar conducting. Two days prior to the premiere, the work was performed at three childrens' concerts in the city of Carson, California.


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Violinists Rebecca and Mari prepare to play
Principle Trumpeter Jean Pierre Michelou
Violinists Rebecca Rutkowski, Mari Haig, and Clark Kasunich
Children listening
Principal Trumpeter Jean-Pierre Michelou
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Maestro Salazar talks to the children
Maestro Salazar discusses Timothy and the Magic Garden

Narrator Karen Sharp


Conductor Hector Salazar

Karen Sharp and Hector Salazar
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Getting ready to hear Timothy

            After the first performance the teacher above (in the blue shirt), discussed with Maestro Salazar how much they loved the music and story as they had just the day before planted their own vegetable garden and then there was also a storm approaching the day of the concert.  "The kids really related to the story in an entirely different and personal level," he said.


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Children listening intently
Orchestra gathers for Timothy